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Hot Hollywood Female Actresses Under 30

January 24, 2019
Hot Hollywood Female Actresses Under 30

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37 Bond Girls Then And Now

March 30, 2018


1. Honey Ryder, "Dr. No" (1962)left: ddisappearhere; right: HY/Newsmakers/Getty ImagesPlayed by Ursula Andress.

left: ddisappearhere; right: HY/Newsmakers/Getty Images
Played by Ursula Andress.

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Top 20 World’s Most Beautiful Women

January 26, 2018
Internet Users Made a List of 100 of the World’s Most Beautiful Women, and Here Are the Top 20
The TC Candler entertainment website has been rating 100 of the world’s most beautiful women based on the opinions of independent experts since 1990. Neither age nor talent is taken into consideration — only looks.
WE invites you to take a look at the girls who made the list of the previous year’s top 20 of the most beautiful women in the world.
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Celebrities Who Met Their Partner On Social Media

November 24, 2017
The phenomenon of internet dating has taken the world by storm. It’s no longer strange to reveal that you met your partner online rather than in a bar or out and about in the real world. With apps such as Tinder, this notion of internet dating has been made even easier and much quicker. The idea of meeting people online has even spread to social media platforms where it’s not uncommon for people to meet on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Someone may see a picture or a post that someone put up and decide to message them. Often, this may lead to the people in question hitting it off, and before they know it, they are dating.
What is strange, however, is to hear that some celebrities out there, like mere mortals, have met their partners on social media. You may have just assumed that famous people would have no need to use social media as a way of finding someone to date, but the cases on this list prove that wrong. Some of the instances on this list involve celebs finding a regular person to date via the internet, and others show how the web is a useful tool for them to connect with other famous people they want to date.

15. Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa

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Celebrities and their Engagement Rings

June 27, 2017

Brad Pitt designed Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring, but how does it compare with Jennifer Aniston’s rock? Plus, What Tom Cruise, Prince Charles, Alec Baldwin, and others proposed with the second (or third) time around 
Brad Pitt
Say this about Brad Pitt—the man clearly enjoys his jewelry design. Long before he collaborated with Robert Procop on Angelina Jolie's diamond engagement ring, the Sexiest Fiancé Alive had a hand in creating what to slip on Jennifer Aniston's finger. Not only did Pitt work with designer Silvia Damiani on the swirling diamond ring he proposed to Aniston with in 1999, but he also reportedly designed the rock he gave to Gwyneth Paltrow two years earlier (though the two never made it down the aisle). While Aniston's ring was worth an estimated $500,000, experts value Jolie's at half that amount. Then again, the two do have a lot of mouths to feed.

Tom Cruise
For a man who bought Katie Holmes an engagement ring shortly after their first date, Tom Cruise wasn't taking any chances when it came to the proposal—he asked her at one of the most romantic spots on earth, the Eiffel Tower. The five-carat Fred Leighton oval diamond Cruise purchased is surrounded by six carats of smaller diamonds and estimated at $275,000. Fifteen years earlier, Cruise gave Nicole Kidman a more modest diamond engagement ring—perhaps because it was only months after his divorce to Mimi Rogers was final—but her second husband, Keith Urban, made up for that by proposing with a three-stone diamond ring and giving her a $120,000 "push present" after their baby was born. But there may be a new ring in the future for Kidman and Cruise: Their adopted daughter, Isabella, is reportedly engaged to her boyfriend, singer Eddie Frencher.
 Prince Charles
When your family has actual crown jewels, it makes proposing a lot simpler. But give Prince Charles credit—in 1981, when he asked 19-year-old Diana Spencer to marry him, the 32-year-old Prince of Wales actually bought a ring. In fact, the 18-carat sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds was featured in Garrard's catalog when he purchased it for £30,000. (Today, that ring sits on the finger of his daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton.) Nearly a quarter century later, when Charles proposed to his longtime love, Camilla Parker Bowles, he wisely dipped into the family treasures. Charles presented Camilla with a Windsor heirloom—a square-cut diamond surrounded by six baguettes—that once belonged to his grandmother the Queen Mum.

Alec Baldwin
What kind of rocks did the 30 Rock star give the women he asked to marry him? Big ones. When Alec Baldwin proposed to Kim Basinger in 1993, he presented her with a 3.7-carat Tiffany diamond ring. In 2004, two years after their acrimonious divorce, Basinger auctioned it off for charity for $59,750—nearly double its presale estimate. And just days after Baldwin's engagement to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas this month, she was spotted wearing a giant diamond with a platinum band that was estimated at $75,000. Despite the supersize stone, Alec's brother Stephen Baldwin insisted to Us Weekly that Thomas is "very humble, very sweet, very down-to-earth, and very charming. I'm glad that they're into each other. Alec's a lot calmer and a lot happier."
Charlie Sheen
When Charlie Sheen asked Denise Richards to marry him in 2002, he went with a ring that would have made Gordon Gekko proud. The former Wall Street star collaborated with jewelry designer Barry Kagasoff to create a 4.3-carat yellow-diamond ring set above rows of 100 small diamonds. (After Sheen gave his Spin City costar Heather Locklear a sneak peek at his choice, the former Mrs. Richie Sambora joked, "Oh my God! Richie's such a cheapskate!") Six years later, when the newly divorced Sheen proposed to third wife, Brooke Mueller, he stuck with yellow but moved up in size—Mueller got an 11-carat canary diamond worth an estimated $500,000. 
Ben Affleck
In 2002, Jenny From the Block became Jenny With the Rock when Ben Affleck proposed with a 6.1-carat pink Harry Winston diamond. Despite the $1.2 million present, the couple called off their engagement in 2004. Later that year, when Affleck proposed to Jennifer Garner, he went back to Harry Winston and purchased a 4.5-carat cushion-cut solitaire set in platinum. And he didn't stop there. After Garner became the mother of their two girls, Affleck gave her a diamond eternity band.
Donald Trump
"I always told him the size doesn't [matter]," Marla Maples said about the 7.5-carat emerald-cut Harry Winston diamond that Donald Trump gave her in 1991. "It's the symbolism." Nine years (and a daughter named Tiffany) later, after Maples and Trump were divorced, she put the $250,000 ring up for auction. "While it's rather tacky," Trump told People, "she's a very nice person. I hope she does well with the sale." She did—Donald's "symbol" fetched $110,000 at auction. In 2004, however, he broke the bank with a 12-carat Harry Winston diamond for his third wife, Melania Knauss. Though the towering Trump rock was estimated to cost between $1 million and $2 million, the groom was surprisingly modest about his selection: "It's just a nice ring," he said.
Nick Lachey
As with most important moments in their relationship, when Nick Lachey proposed to Jessica Simpson in February 2002, the intimate scene was captured for the cameras: While vacationing in Hawaii, Lachey asked Simpson to marry him with a pear-shaped diamond she is clearly giddy about. The second time around, Lachey stepped up his game. In November 2010, he asked Vanessa Minnillo to marry him with a four-carat Asscher-cut diamond ring surrounded by baguettes—estimated to cost $125,000—designed by New York City jeweler David Bader of Bader & Garrin. (The couple went back to Bader when it was time to make wedding bands. "Vanessa was definitely looking for a ring to match her engagement ring," Bader told People.) And not to be upstaged, a week after Lachey's engagement, Simpson had a new ring of her own—a ruby-and-diamond Neil Lane ring that former NFL quarterback Eric Johnson gave her when he proposed.

Paul McCartney
The man who wrote "Can't Buy Me Love" clearly understood it's not the size of the rock, it's how solid the relationship is. But Paul McCartney probably should have paid attention when his second wife, Heather Mills, threw her relatively modest $21,000 engagement ring at him during a prewedding argument. (She later also lost the ring on a golf course but then found it.) And though their 2008 divorce cost McCartney nearly $50 million, it didn't deter him from proposing to Nancy Shevell last May with a stunning sparkler: The former Beatle gave Shevell a vintage 1925 Cartier solitaire worth an estimated $650,000. He also reportedly refused to sign a prenup. And with a love like that, you know you should be glad.
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Celebrities look horrible without Makeup

June 27, 2017
All the stars are accustomed to seeing TV screens with perfect faces and professional makeup.
But you just imagine what would happen if they wash away with all the make-up;)
So, we look further to the collection of comparative pictures of celebrities before and after make-up.
Mila Kunis

lady Gaga
Katy Perry
Katie Couric
Milla Jovovich
Tyra Banks

Sofia Vergara
Busy Philipps
Pamela Anderson
Katie Holmes
Kelly Brook
Nicollette Sheridan
Sharon Stone
Sharon Osbourne
Jennifer Lawrence
Hilary Duff
Demi Lovato
Maria Shriver
Faith Hill
Chloe Kardashian
Kelly Clarkson
Kim Kardashian

AnnaLynne McCord
Nicole Richie
Anne Hathaway
Kelly Osbourne
Uma Thurman
Kathy Griffin
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Beautiful Celebrities Against Plastic Surgery

June 27, 2017
Beautiful Celebrities Against Plastic Surgery

Pretty Woman Julia Roberts looks remarkably young for his age. And all thanks to a healthy diet, and not surgery. "Your face should talk about you, not about your campaigns to the doctor," - says Roberts.
47-year-old Brookley Shield was considered one of the most beautiful women in the world in the 80s. But vanity is not broke down the actress who over the years continues to avoid plastics.

Kate Moss in his 39 years is wonderful as ever and did not even think about mimicheckih wrinkles that appear at her during smeha.Ona remains one of the most sought after models in the world. Bravo Kate!

The star of "Titanic" Kate Winslet has promised never to resort to surgery. "Tummy goes against my moral principles," - says the Oscar-winning actress. - "With that as my parents raised me and my ideas of natural beauty. I'm an actress. I do not want to freeze your emotions. "

63-year-old Sigourney Weaver, who shone in the "Alien", also against plastic surgery. "Faces of the actors have to be alive" - she says - "I am convinced that life will leave its mark on your face, otherwise you will not succeed." Sigourney worthy of genuine respect!

Julianne Moore is another celebrity actress who refuses to go under the knife. "I do not know of examples to cosmetic surgery did someone younger," says Moore - "But the people are losing the unique contours of your face, wearing the scars of plastics that can not be hidden."

In Hollywood, at least someone is using plastic? "Iron Lady" Meryl Streep strongly against surgery. "If you ever seriously thought about this nonsense, consider what would happen if the surgery goes wrong, it's horrible!" Well said Meryl!

Metalanguage Tina Fey has a severe aversion to Botox. Actress, writer, screenwriter Tina says: "Botox is not for me, it's bad. Those people who have too much Botox are like candles - brilliant, brilliant person. "

49-year-old Johnny Depp never openly spoke out against plastic surgery. But there are wrinkles and lines from Captain Jack Sparrow, suggests that he is not a fan of plastic. And for what? It looks simply stunning!

78-year-old Brigitte Bardot is truly one of the most beautiful women of our time. Despite the age of the actress prefers to invest finances in defense of animals rather than in plastic surgery.

Elegant Brad Pitt is another star who decided to grow old with grace. Wrinkles around the eyes do not spoil it, contrary to the actor giving a charm.
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