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Dazzling And Delightful Double Exposure Photography

When it comes to the photography, we are not in wrong in thinking that it is the simple but interesting capture of an image of what you see in front of you through the lenses of your camera. But then it becomes even more complicated when you see it as an art form as the composition, the light and the shadows as well as the way you capture it takes it to another level. But then you would still not be wrong when you think of the art of photography as something that captures one scene or person in front of you but this article will shake that belief of yours. In this article, we are going to be looking at double exposure photography, which to put in simplistic terms is the photographing of two different images in one click with the use of an interesting technique. It takes some doing and can result in very unique photos that will leave you and others dazzled. Using the double exposure photography techniques, you can take the joyful simple things in life photography ideas to another level.

double exposure photography 1

double exposure photography 2

double exposure photography 3

double exposure photography 4

double exposure photography 5

There are sensational and soothing scenic road photography examples that can be taken to surreal level using the double exposure techniques. If you see the images we have given alongside this article, you will notice that at first glance that most of the images look incredibly unbelievable but on further observation you will realize that most of the pictures are of simple things but the overlap of two images tends to create a sensational effect that leaves you astounded. It is like cute and often contradictory cat photography, which while on the surface is a simple clicking and capturing of images of the feline in various poses but on a deeper look gives you an insight into the mind of a feline which is anything but simple.

double exposure photography 7

double exposure photography 8

double exposure photography 9

double exposure photography 10

double exposure photography 11

double exposure photography 12

If somebody were to force us to define double exposure photography, we would say that it is a thinking person’s photography because there is no doubt that a lot of thought has gone into the clicking of these images. How else is it possible that the simple image of a lovely woman with flowing hair is made to look like flowers are flowing from her head and that too without any Photoshop? Often times you will see that the trick that many photographs use to capture such images is to have the subject stand in front of clear glass. The image of the person would be captured from the other side of the glass so that the person’s visage as well as the images reflecting on the clear glass would be captured creating a lot of interest and intrigue.

double exposure photography 13

double exposure photography 14

double exposure photography 15

double exposure photography 16

double exposure photography 17

double exposure photography 18

Though in this theory, this sounds simple enough, it is anything but because there is a good chance that while you are capturing a double exposure image, your reflection could also fall on the clear glass and mar it or at least change it. Just think about it – how often have you travelled by train or bus on the window seat and looked out and seen your reflection super imposed on the scenery that is rushing by? We are sure that you have come across the image that we have described above and if you want a definition of double exposure in very basic terms, this is what it comes down to.

double exposure photography 19

double exposure photography 20

double exposure photography 21

double exposure photography 22

double exposure photography 23

double exposure photography 24

Look at the many images of double exposure photography that we have given here and tell us what you think. We are sure that by now you are also itching to get a few clicks of this sort yourself.
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