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Sexy Women as Action Heroes

 Milla Jovovich  (Resident Evil)

Milla Jovovich wooed us in "The Fifth Element", but we didn't see her action star potential until she became Alice in the "Resident Evil" series. With a fashion model's grace, a porcelain beauty, and spot-on moves, Alice is one of our favorite female action heroes yet.


  Kate Beckinsale

  Kate Beckinsale plays the vampire hero in 2003's Underworld. Her character, Selene, falls in love with a human. Would you take a vampire bite in exchange for an eternity of love with a never-aging Kate Beckinsale?




Jennifer Garner's Elektra is a beautiful killer! We loved the onscreen chemistry between Garner and would-be husband Ben Affleck -- Who would win in a fight between Elektra and #19?


  Miho (Sin City)

Devon Aoki plays Miho in the film adaptation of Frank Miller's infamous graphic novel, Sin City. Miho is a call girl, but if you get on her bad side you might end up impaled on her sword. How much do you think she charges for that?

  Aisha al-Fadhil (The Losers)

2010's live-action comic book adaptation The Losers was largely overlooked by moviegoers. However, it's worth watching just to see Zoe Saldana's character kicking some serious butt.

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