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Weird and Unusual Animal Races

If the humans are getting into their unusual sporting events, why can't the animals? There are just some of the unusual sporting races from around the world that involve animals.

We at photofun4ucom love and respect animals. We do not condone or approve of animal cruelty in any way, shape, or form, but as a blog that reports on everything bizarre in our world, we thought that you should know about some of the craziest ways that animals are being used for sport around the world.

 Ostrich Racing - racing on the back of the fastest birds

Did you know Ostriches can exceed speeds of 40 miles per hour? The good folks of Chandler, Arizona, do. I'd love to see this one, just to see what kind of wacky jockey decides to sit on an Ostrich. I'm thinking there may be alcohol involved.

 Camel Racing

You wouldn't think there would be camel races in the United States. Then again, we do have a big desert, so why not? The Virginia City Camel Races are a nostalgic reminder of the Comstock Lode, the first large discovery of silver ore in the U.S., when I suppose they used Camels to transport the silver. According to the official website, they also race ostriches and emus, because that's how they roll in Nevada.

 Sled Dog Racing

Sled dog racing is where dogs run for days and cover the distance of over 1,609 kilometres. This sport was played in the 1930s and it took place at the 1932 Games in Lake Placid. The event saw two races on a 25.1-mile course wherein only two countries had participated-- Canada and the United States. 

Horse race

Wiener Dog Racing

For those of us who don't drink beer, Oktoberfest celebrations in the U.S. can be a bit boring. Unless you're lucky enough to live in Cincinnati – those lucky Oktoberfest revelers have something entirely different to give them a buzz – wiener dog racing!

To make sure it stays sufficiently adorable, all participants must wear a chic hot dog costume, though they do get their choice of topping.

October 2013 was the Seventh Annual Hillshire-Farm's Running of the Wieners event. Over 100 contestants participated for the title of speediest wiener. No word on who the winning wiener was, but in my eyes, they're all winners if they look that adorable. 

 Frog Race

 Sheep Races — catch me if you can

 Pig Racing and Diving 

 And we end our collection of Great American Animal Races in the 49th state. Why race pigs in Alaska, you ask? If you had to pick something other than dog sled teams, you'd think moose, or elk. Something that represents the state, right? At least, I did. But Alaskans appear to prefer pigs. They're quick little guys, too. And in these races, there are hurdles. I may need to find a Vegas sports book that takes pork action.

Makepung - racing buffalo competition from Bali

 cow racing - swiss

 Cow Racing - indonasia

Lobster Races

You would think an annual lobster race would be held in Maine, but the city of Aiken, South Carolina, has been racin' crustaceans "“ that's right, the Aiken racin' crustaceans "“ since 1985 as a spoof of the Kentucky Derby. This year's race, which just happened a couple weeks ago, drew close to 10,000 fans.  

Hamster Racing — rodent races in miniature vehicles

 Lizard Racing Championships

Armadillo Races

 Imagine little round knights in not-so-shiny armor, racing around a dirt track. Sounds kinda cute. Although I've read they grow to 2 1/2 feet. That's considerably less cute. Armadillo racing became popular in Texas in the 1970s, and the Armadillo World Headquarters is in Austin. (You heard me...the Armadillo World Headquarters.) Guess they're mighty proud of their armored mammals down in Texas.

Zebra Racing

Porcupine Race

Squeeze this one in between visits to the Potato Museum and Philo Farnsworth's home. The race is held each year for charity, but I'm sure a few dollars need to be taken out for bandaids, just in case any participants make their way into the crowd.

 Snail racing

 Yabbie Races

 Cockroach Racing

This is one of the slimier races I've come across. The annual cockroach races are held by the entomology club at Iowa State University. And if you've ever hung out with the members of the Iowa State Entomology Club, you know this is one rockin' event. They also put on something called the Insect Horror Film Festival, which features gourmet insect tastings. Who says there's nothing to do in Iowa in October?

Pigeon racing

In this sport, trained racing pigeons are released from a distance of about 100 to 1,000 kilometers, measuring the time it takes for the birds to return home. Often, only a few seconds separate the winners from the losers — and the prize money. Pigeon fanciers train their athletes to brave predators, storms and other threats, and the birds’ times are clocked by computer chips attached to ankle rings. There are several theories on how these birds home in on their destinations — they appear to navigate by the sun and may also have a natural compass that allows them to use magnetic north to find their home.  

 Kaninhop — rabbit show jumping

Cane Toad / frog Races