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11 successful Hollywood Celebrity single Mom

Being a celebrity can be tough, dealing with paparazzi and all, but being a single mom is even tougher. These single women are strong enough to be able to raise their children while working on their career

Sandra Bullock is well known for playing strong lead roles in movies like "Gravity" and "Miss Congeniality." But she probably isn't really acting so much as just being herself. After getting a divorce in 2010, Bullock went through with the adoption of her only child Louis.

Sheryl Crow has won 9 Grammys over the years, but many are not aware of her success a being a single mom. She adopted two kids, once in 2007 and again in 2010. A new song of hers, "Waterproof Mascara," covers the topic of single motherhood.

Heath Ledger's untimely death left Michelle Williams as the sole parent and single mom to daughter Matilda Rose Ledger. Despite the difficulties, Michelle has expressed how she loves being a mother and can't imagine life any other way now

At the end of 2004, Liv Tyler gave birth to her son Milo Langdon. In 2008, she and husband Royston Langdon separated, leaving her a single mom ever since. Dating for her is not something she wants to do often.

Christina was raised by a single mom, and ended up being one herself. She gave birth to her son Max Bratman in 2008. She has been single since 2010 after receiving a divorce. Despite working hard at her career, Christina focuses on making decisions that will be best for Max. She also is currently pregnant, expecting a child this year from boyfriend Matthew Rutler.

Katie Holmes is the mother of daughter Suri who was born in 2006, the same year she married Tom Cruise. Since 2012, after divorcing tom, Katie has been a single mom. So far she seems to be enjoying going at it alone.

Denise Richards is somehow able to be a great mom despite having been married to Charlie Sheen. She has three daughters, two of which (Sam in 2004 and Lola in 2005) were born from Sheen, and the third (Eloise) was adopted in 2011. Denise has even become the temporary mother of two of Sheen's recent children with Brooke Mueller. That's five in total!

Minnie gave birth to her son Henry Driver in 2008. The father was someone whom she described as "not famous," and wasn't very involved for a long time.

Kate Hudson became a single mom in 2006 when she divorced Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes. She was able to rock being a single mom for five years until she became engaged to Matthew Bellamy in 2011, the same year her second child, Bingham Bellamy, was born. She has yet to actually get married, however.

Better known as Kate Plus 8, she gave birth to twins in 2000 followed by sextuplets in 2004. After their reality show went to Jon Gosselin's head, they divorced in 2009. Kate has pushed on as the single mother to this bunch of kids, working hard to keep the family afloat after the end of the show.

 Even Madonna is a single mom. She has two daughters, Lourdes Leone and Mercy James, and two sons, Rocco Ritchie and David Ritchie. She has said "My children inspire me in many ways," and also mentioned how of course she has never been conventional, so she is likely to stay a single mother for while.