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Nice Things To Say To Your Best Friend

Nice Things To Say To Your Best Friend

Having you in my life makes me feel that I am privileged to have two families; one I was born into and the other is you, my friend.

I may not always tell you what you mean to me but my life has become richer because I have you as a friend. Hope I can provide the kind of support you provide me when you need it.
I cannot think of a life when you are not a part of it. Not only are you a great friend, but you are also my confidence giver.
The reason that I smile so much on certain days is because I know I have the chance to hang out with you at the end of it.

I love the way you give me advice and almost make me feel that I was the one who thought of the incredible idea.
Having you in my life has the same importance that seasonings have for food. You make it sweet, savory and really delicious.
I love that the memory of each and every dumb stunt that I have pulled in my life has you in it.
When I come to you and ask you for an honest opinion it is with the trust that you will tell me the truth even if it is bitter and that is what makes you a true friend.

You are the only one who makes me feel young, sweet and full of fun even though I know that I am only that way around you.
I know it is the best kind of friendship to have when you never even think of saying “I told you so”, even though you have every right to say it.
It always gives me confidence when I step out to face a difficult situation knowing that I can trust you to have my back.
I am happy that you had the guts and wisdom to take off my rose tinted lens when you feel that I need a reality check.

I may never have found a life partner but I know that I have met my soul mate in you.
I know you are a true friend when the first person I think of when I am happy or sad, is you.
Many is a scrape that you have helped me out of even if you are the very person who got me into trouble in the first place.
Though we never decided to become best friends, I think we had made the decision the first time we set eyes on each other.

It helps to have a friend like you when you have always been considered the weird one and that we perfectly complement each other.
An epic friendship was born the day our mothers decided to come to the park on the same day when we were just toddlers.
Fun and mischief has a way of doubling and troubles dissipating when you are with me.
A friend is not only a person with whom you can share your best but one who understands you when you are at your worst.
 Bored Art.
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