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Kid Entrepreneurs Who Makes Million of Dollar

Anshul Samar-17: Game Maker

At age 13 this boy genius made a game a fortune off a board game. It isn't a fun game you or I would play like Battleship, it's a silly "intellectual" game that revolves around the periodic table of elements. Currently you can find him giving TED talks and figuring out how to spend his millions.

Mark Bao-18: Start-Up Guru

Mark Bao has already sold three companies making him filthy rich in the process. His first, was called 3WordsMe, which was a Facebook app that had people use three words to describe a friend. His latest is called SupportBreeze, which helps medium sized companies expedite their customer service.

Adam Hildreth



 In 1999, at only fourteen years old, Adam Hildreth together with his six friends launched the famous English social networking site Dubit. Dubit became one of the most popular websites in 2004. By 2005, Dubit had a net worth of more than 3.7 million dollars. Adam later founded Crisp thinking, which developed software that protected people from online predators, online harassment and spamming. He is ranked 23 in the top 100 richest young people in the UK according to the 2011 Sunday times rich list.
Adam Hildreth is estimated to have a net worth of 38 million dollars.

Sean Belnick


When he was only 14 years old, Sean Belnick created bizchair.com, an internet retailer for all types of furniture. Sean Belnick began with an initial investment of 500 dollars and ran his business operaions from his bedroom. In 2004, he moved into his first warehouse and by 2009, he had more than 702,000 square feet of warehouse space from the initial 40,00 square feet. In 2010, bizchair had sales of more than 58 million dollars.
Sean Belnick’s net worth is reported to be 42 million dollars

Fraser Doherty


 Fraser Doherty is the CEO of Super Jam. This Scottish young star was taught jam making by his grandmother when he was 14 years old. He started producing jam and selling it in the neighbourhood. He left school at the age of 16 to fully concentrate on super jam. In 2007, he began supplying super jam to 184 Waitrose stores. Nowadays Fraser Doherty currently supplies to all major UK stores and had sales of over 1.2 million dollars in 2011.
Fraser Doherty is worth 2 million dollars.

Cameron Johnson


In 1994, at only nine years of age, Cameron Johnson began making money by selling invitation cards. By eleven years old he had saved up enough money to form his company, Cheers and Tears. Cameron then participated in several ventures including creating EZ mail, an email forwarding software, surfingprice.com, an online advertising company. By fifteen years old, he was receiving monthly cheques of up to 400,000 dollars.
Cameron Johnson’s net worth is currently 3.2 million.

Ashley Qualls


 Ashley Qualls is an America entrepreneur who made her first million at the age of seventeen. She did this by taking an 8 dollar loan from her mother and creating a website,whateverlife.com in 2004.The website focused on providing HTML tutorials for young people and providing free My space layouts.
Ashley Qualls is valued to have a net worth of 8 million dollars.

Chris Phillips


Chris Phillips made his first million when he was only 17 years old through dot5hosting. This website was used to register domain names, supply hosting space and hosting several e-commerce sites. By the time he was 19 years old, this British teenager was making over 10 million dollars annually.
Dot5hosting currently has a net worth of 2 million dollars.

Juliette Brindak


Juliette made her millions after launching the website Miss O and Friends when she was still only 10 years old. The site, which targets mostly teenage girls, is filled with celebrity gossip, games, quizzes and lots of feature articles. She has also launched a line of Miss O and friends books.

Juliette Brindak is currently the CEO and editor of her site and book line and has a networth of 15 Millions Dollars.

Catherine and David Cook


At only fifteen and seventeen years respectively, Catherine and David Cook came up with the social networking site, My Yearbook in 2005. The site has over 5 million users and has survived the Facebook domination.
My Yearbook has a net worth of over 20 million dollars whereas this brother and sister duo have a combined net worth of 10 million dollars.

Tyler Dikman


When the internet was still picking up, Tyler Dikman who was only 15 years old founded Cooltronics in the year 2000. Cooltronics’ main purpose was to provide lessons to computer and internet users on how to get rid of computer viruses and how to upgrade your home PC. Subscriptions and advertising brought in the dollars for this lucky little man.
Tyler Dikman is currently valued to be worth 3.7 million dollars.

Farrah Gray


Farrah Gray started selling body lotion at the age of 6. At 13 years old he founded Farr-Out Food which in a period of one year had received food orders of over 1.5 million dollars making him a millionaire at 14.

Farrah Gray is the youngest person to have a Wall Street office and is estimated to be worth 20 million dollars.