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The Hottest and Sexy College Cheerleading Squads

To become one of the college cheerleaders you have to have a certain something, you need to be athletic and have a lot of physical endurance. The following college cheerleaders definitely have that certain something you won’t find anywhere else (and a bit more). Guys agree: sometimes the most entertaining figures in sports aren’t the players, but the sexy college cheerleaders on the sidelines.

With revealing outfits, their lovely looks and dance moves, sexy cheerleaders get a lot of attention. But these aren’t the only things that are eye-catching. On occasion, they are caught in some compromising positions, and it is quite a sight.

The athletes and coaches aren’t the only things changing; the college cheerleaders go through a new roster every season following try-outs. This year 2016 was no different, and for many young aspiring sexy college cheerleaders, the road ended this past summer.

But for the ones that did make it, congratulations. Here is a quick peek at the Sexy Cheerleaders has in store for us in 2016.

OK, we’re going to get this out of the way right now: Cheerleading is a sport. So is being on the Dance Team. Suggesting that the basketball or football players are more athletic than cheerleaders is ridiculous. Some say they don’t compete, so it’s not a sport, but we’d urge you to check out any collegiate cheer and dance competition and you’ll see stunts that few other athletes would even dare attempt, much less pull off.
Unfortunately, most schools still don’t recognize cheerleading as a legitimate sport. Some don’t even include the activity in their athletics section.

 There are few scholarships and they are treated like a third-tier activity. Those who do highlight their dance teams or cheerleaders deserve to be applauded. It’s ironic how so many of these institutions of higher learning that are supposed to be on the forefront of progressive thinking still treat these squads. We have nothing but respect for all of the hard work and practice these athletes invest in their passion.

So that’s out of the way. Let’s address the other side of the coin. We will stand next to them and defend their sports to our dying breath. However, any cheerleader or dancer that wants to play down or ignore the fact that a huge percentage of their appeal has to do with their sexiness as direct result of showing so much skin is delusional. It’s the biggest reason the sports haven’t been taken seriously for so long. That said, the world is finally easing up on how it views power and sexuality and a beautiful woman who knows she is strong and sexy is the best kind out there. With this all said, we’d like to introduce you to the 15 Hottest Cheerleading or Dancing Squads of 2016. It was a very good year.