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The Hottest Bond Girl Moments

The Bond Girl. Since the debut of the James Bond franchise, she has been a standard for every movie. An utterly gorgeous woman, often dressed hot as hell and pure sex appeal to match 007. Often, it’s an ally who helps him or the key love interest for that movie. Other times, she can be the “bad girl” to make herself even hotter. So often they get won over by Bond himself to end up in his bed, some damsels in distress but others truly strong and fun characters.
Trying to gauge who is the hottest of the bunch is tough as there have been so many and several have established great careers outside of the films. Again, deciding the best is tough but it’s worth it as Monica Bellucci is ready to join these illustrious ranks. Here are the 20 hottest Bond ladies and a reminder of a key element that has made the series such a long-lasting franchise.

Pam Bouvier


Paris Carver



Tiffany Case

Christmas Jones

Miranda Frost

Wai Lin



Elektra King

Vesper Lynd


Jill Masterson

Anya Amasova

Xenia Onatopp

Teresa di Vicenzo

Pussy Galore

Melina Havelock

Honey Ryder

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