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Celebrities look horrible without Makeup

All the stars are accustomed to seeing TV screens with perfect faces and professional makeup.
But you just imagine what would happen if they wash away with all the make-up;)
So, we look further to the collection of comparative pictures of celebrities before and after make-up.
Mila Kunis

lady Gaga
Katy Perry
Katie Couric
Milla Jovovich
Tyra Banks

Sofia Vergara
Busy Philipps
Pamela Anderson
Katie Holmes
Kelly Brook
Nicollette Sheridan
Sharon Stone
Sharon Osbourne
Jennifer Lawrence
Hilary Duff
Demi Lovato
Maria Shriver
Faith Hill
Chloe Kardashian
Kelly Clarkson
Kim Kardashian

AnnaLynne McCord
Nicole Richie
Anne Hathaway
Kelly Osbourne
Uma Thurman
Kathy Griffin
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