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Creative Door Knockers for Door

When you own a home, you can customise it as much as you desire, within reason. This can include choosing the paint for the walls, the furniture, appliances, accessories, wallpapers, carpets, picture frames and even lightbulbs. It can be plain or extravagant, traditional or contemporary.

However when it comes to the exterior you don’t have quite as much leeway. There are still ways of allowing your interior design to peek through into the exterior of your house, you just have to be a little more subtle about it. While painting your front door all manner of colours might be a little too drastic, there are still ways you can incorporate your own style into the exterior of your house, such as your lawn ornaments, house name or number sign, or even an imaginative door knocker on your door.

Almost at the same time with putting up doors on dwelling people invented door knockers. And they don’t just announce visitors. Through the centuries a door knocker is charged with guarding and blessing the home. And their forms are absolutely different: classic hammer or handle; mythological creatures and animals which are symbols of protection according to ancient legends; ordinary things showing the main profession of the home owners. Door knocker open a huge space for the imagination and in this collection we’ve gathered some of the most interesting door knocker that we’ve found in the web. Have fun