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famous Celebrity Arrests

There are more celebrities who have been arrested than you'd imagine, and this list of celeb mug shot photos is proof that money can't always buy you innocence. What celebrities have mug shots? The singers, athletes, actors, and famous politicians on this celebrity mug shot list prove that having a pretty face can't make ALL your wishes come true. Prepare to laugh at these celebrities who have mug shots, because 3 AM DUI charges don't always make for the best mug shot (especially in the case of the Gary Busey mug shot, which turned a bad mug worse).

This is a complete list of the most popular celebrities who have been arrested and have embarrassing celebrity mugshots somewhere on the Internet. Worst celebrity mugshots and cause of arrest are included. Every celebrity mug shot contains that particular celebrity's worst and most defaming mugshot photo. Feel free to vote on your favorite mugshot and the rankings will rearrange according. Details of each celebrity's newest charges/mugshot are including in the descriptions.


Chace Crawford

The "Gossip Girl" star brought the drama to the real world when he was arrested in 2010 in Plano, Texas for marijuana possession. Awkward.


Robert Downey Jr.

Who doesn't love a good comeback story? Robert Downey Jr. went from being one of the most arrested celebrities in history to starring in one of the best action hero movies of all time.